Reference Material

At the heart of understanding an experience is the need to understand how and why we have perceived what we have witnessed. On this page we have compiled a number of links to resources that will help you understand how our senses and brains work, and how we interact with the world around us.

Our training and close association with Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena means that we have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience which can be shared with all by clicking the ASSAP logo.

This will take you to reference material which will provide you with some answers to phenomena experienced and reported, based on years of research and analysis in the field. These resources are absolutely free and available for you to find answers to your thoughts and experiences. We are able to provide this link because of our work with ASSAP as key members.

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Understand how we see and how our brains make sense of the world through sight.

Can we trust our ears? Click the picture to watch a short video

Why do we have beliefs? Bruce Hood explains the concepts in a short video.

If you are interested in this subject and want to find out more see Bruce Hood's lecture to Wired 2014

Michael Shermer explains why we look for patterns as humans.

Find out why we all hallucinate

Find out how common coincidence is

Find out about what science says about ghosts

What are Out of Body Experiences

See also what Dr Susan Blackmore says about OBE