Paranormal Investigation

The Bristol Centre for Anomalous Phenomena Research is a not for profit organisation with a belief neutral stance.

Our aim is to, without bias, research incidents that people regard as paranormal, identify causes of phenomena reported, recording and analysing evidence to confirm or disprove the anomaly's existence and determine the cause. Whilst many occurrences have a natural cause, occasionally investigations provide material which challenges our world view and understanding of the nature of our existence and the the universe around us. It is this area of investigation that requires further research in the field with the objective of obtaining evidence and data, presenting findings and offering them for peer review when appropriate. We also seek to reassure people that in most circumstances, a rational explanation can be found.

Providing a free collection of resources and a free investigation service, we have been successfully investigating alleged haunted locations for over a decade. Our research has also provided advice and opinion about photographic anomalies, videos of objects and lights in the sky and sightings of strange and non-native animals. Our ethical approach and scientific methods of investigation, including the capture of evidence and data, evaluation of findings and hypothesis development and testing provide a structured approach. Findings are shared with the client and where possible, recorded in our reporting structure. All activities are conducted with the written consent of a client and each investigation is conducted in an open transparent way with confidentiality at it's heart.

A recent video for a Paranormal Conference explains our approach to investigation